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Dena Jalbert

Dena Jalbert

Founder / CEO

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Align: Launched with a Mission To Create Value For The Middle Market

Providing middle market businesses with enterprise expertise and innovative and personalized service.

Align was founded in 2010 with a mission to break the mold of the traditional advisory firm. You know the ones we’re talking about…where everyone looks the same and uses big words to disguise any recent experience in building or selling middle market businesses. Lots of people in blue blazers with gold buttons…folks who haven’t run a business in decades (or never have).

Align’s founder, Dena Jalbert, saw an opportunity to provide truly aggressive and innovative ideas and solutions to growing and selling businesses, leveraging her nearly 20 years of recent successes in building, scaling, and buying & selling businesses. Her career experience spans many years in “Big 4” consulting and holding executive positions with Fortune 500 and hyper-growth middle market companies – she’s seen businesses at every stage of their lifecycle. Across all of these companies and at any stage, Dena saw a similar trend – all of these businesses had complex business needs, but there were little resources available to help them.


Thus, Align was born. It is a firm built on core principals of service, diversity, innovation, and value creation:

Service – You get our A-team every time. Most other firms don’t value the middle market like we do, so they send their Junior Associates and don’t give the proper time and attention to your business. Not us – we focus solely on the middle market so you get 200% of our resources every time.

Diversity – We’re not bankers, consultants, or brokers. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and are comprised of senior leaders, senior business executives, CPAs, and MBAs that have been awarded many professional accolades and awards throughout their distinguished careers.

Innovation – Innovation is the change that fuels growth. Our diverse team means more heads around the table to generate new ideas born from an array of expertise and experience. We aggressively implement new ideas, now – companies that don’t innovate don’t survive.

Value – We believe that our services must provide a meaningful return on investment – otherwise, what good are we? All of our advisory projects are quoted in terms of value and expected outcomes. We guarantee that we will deliver results, and we bet our fees on it.

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