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Breaking the mold of the traditional M&A firm

Focused On Maximizing Value for the Lower Middle Market

Align understands the unique challenges and opportunities of middle market companies. That’s because we’ve been there. We utilize our years of expertise in the middle market to help ignite company growth and align buyers and sellers in successful transactions.

Experience the Align Advantage

Innovative solutions for enterprise value creation

Align’s proprietary process uncovers strategic opportunities by applying innovative strategies, pushing companies to operate outside of their comfort zone to fuel growth. We believe “What got you to where you are, oftentimes, won’t get you where you want to go.”  

Align prides itself on being different than every other advisory firm in the industry. It is our strategic and creative approach to generating value for the lower middle market that makes us stand out among the crowd. If you are looking for new ideas for your business, then we’re the firm for you. We have spent nearly 20 years in the middle market ourselves, so we know where you are going and are uniquely able to help you get there.

Align was founded with the mission of breaking the mold of the traditional “consulting” firm. We’re not “brokers,” “consultants,” or “bankers.” We’re CPAs, MBAs, and business executives who have been where you’re going. Our expertise and service approach will generate value for your business – we guarantee it.

We are focused on the middle market. We don’t chase huge enterprise companies or work with micro SMBs. We focus solely on growth entities and understand their unique challenges and opportunities to create value.

We don’t rely on old, tired “best practices” – we implement the new, now. To succeed in today’s business climate, companies must innovate or die. Innovation is the fuel of growth. We don’t wait around for results, we make them happen now.

We put our money where our mouth is. How many times have you paid a big invoice and then asked yourself “what did those consultants really do for us?”. We guarantee value creation for our clients, and if we don’t deliver, we’ll refund you our fees. Yep, you read that right.

We come from all walks of life. We are a diverse group, and it is our secret sauce of success. Other firms in our industry all tend to look the same, come from the same places, and have the same networks born from the golf course. Not us – we think independently, together. We like being different.

A Simple 4-Prong Methodology

Before the work begins, we listen. We meet with business owners, leaders, and their teams to understand their business challenges and opportunities. From there, we work to create the deal or project strategy, focusing on how to maximize the business’ value.

Through the detailed review process, our team will identify strategic opportunities to address the complex needs of each business.   We provide innovative and tailored strategy options to our clients in a detailed decision-matrix to determine the best course of tactical execution to achieve their objectives.

Once a strategy has been determined, our team designs the detailed tactical execution plan to deliver results. We identify and align the necessary tools, resources, workflows, change management, human capital, and all other dependencies required to achieve the objectives determined in the identification stage.

We work directly with our clients to implement and execute the tactical plan. Our professionals work directly with our clients and their teams to implement the new tools, workflows, resources, solutions, etc in their day-to-day operations and ensure on-going adoption, utilization, and value creation. In the case of M&A, we execute deals timely and maximize value, leaving all parties happy at the closing table.

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