Turning the back office into a strategic asset


As Warren Buffet says, “Accounting is the language of business”. 

Our professionals assist our clients in building and aligning corporate finance and accounting resources to provide best-in-class financial tools, measurements, and reporting to properly understand business results and make actionable decisions.

We turn Finance into a strategic advantage through the following services:

  • CFO Function: Many organizations do not have budget to employ a CFO full time. Our team of executives can assist Owners, CEOs, and other stakeholders with strategic direction and operation of the Finance function on an outsourced basis. We also partner with existing CFOs to help them create and lead world-class finance functions, turning a cost center into a value-adding asset.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis: Do you have a detailed view into your business results? Align partners with clients to develop and implement the tools, workflows, and reports necessary to provide transparency into the operations and its financial results in order to make timely, actionable decisions.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting: A budget and/or forecast is a financial blueprint for how the company intends to use its resources to execute its strategic plan and objectives. Many companies don’t take the time to create a budget and, in turn, don’t allocate resources properly to achieve success. Align will partner with all stakeholders to build the company operating budget and implement tools and processes to ensure accountability.
  • Accounting & bookkeeping: Align provides “Controller-as-a-Service” for organizations that wish to outsource their Accounting function. Additionally, we work with clients to upskill and upgrade their existing Accounting function – designing and implementing new tools, workflows, and policies to allow the function to better support the operations.
  • Treasury Management: Do you know where your cash is going? Our team designs and implements treasury processes, controls, and cash flow planning to ensure adequate liquidity to fund operations. We also assist clients in creating strategic relationships with banks and lenders to expand their working capital liquidity or fund capital investments.
  • Financial Reporting: Our team of CPAs can assist with the creation of company financial reports for various stakeholders, such as investors, banks, Board of Directors, auditors, taxing authority, vendors, key customers, and lenders. We work with the client’s Accounting team to ensure the reports adhere to the proper accounting classification and regulations.
  • Audit Preparation: How much time is invested in your annual financial audit? Most audits take 3-6 months to complete from initial planning to issuance of the opinion. Oftentimes Finance teams are overwhelmed by the volume of data required for an audit. Our team can help prepare materials in advance to ensure a smooth process and faster report issuance.

Client Achievements

Improving Working Capital

Our team of CPAs and senior finance leaders worked with a financial services company to design and implement its first operating budget and financial forecast. Our team partnered with leaders in each function, identifying the resources needed to execute on the Company’s strategic goals. This budget improved working capital by 30% due to removal of spending not tied to strategy and more focus on gross profit margin growth.

What Our Clients Say...

SVP, Director of Finance

We are a very seasonal business, and our cash flows swing wildly during the year because of it. Align helped us design a cash flow forecasting tool to better manage our working capital and not have to utilize our credit facility as much. Saved lots of money on interest. Thank you!

What Our Clients Say...


We were working to centralize our Accounting function in our main office. Align helped us design the Accounting tools and workflows necessary to timely record transactions and activity, but keep our overhead labor costs low at the same time. Big help to profitability - thank you!

What Our Clients Say...

Director of Accounting

Our chart of accounts was an absolute mess. Align came in and helped us re-structure our chart of accounts, as well as designed new bookkeeping tools and workflows to ensure proper classification of transactions into the new accounts. Lifesavers!

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