Mergers & Acquisitions

Aligning buyers and sellers in successful transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm aligns buyers, sellers, and stakeholders in various liquidity transactions such as: IPOs, strategic mergers, divestitures, buy-outs, asset purchases, equity investments, debt financing, and many others. To date, our professionals have facilitated nearly $1B of mergers and acquisitions transactions. We facilitate transactions of any size – from thousands of dollars to multi-million dollars, and everything in between.

Our professionals service the entire life cycle of the transaction through the following services:

  • Market Research & Data: Who are potential target companies that would have interest in this deal? What are average transaction sizes in our space? We analyze the industry transaction data and present our clients with current information to better understand the potential transaction opportunities.
  • Strategy: What is your goal in this transaction? We assist our clients in developing a strategy and deal thesis that is tied to a firm’s growth objectives and outlines how the transaction will add value to all parties.
  • Target Identification: What targets will best align with our deal thesis? We work with clients to identify a list of potential transaction targets for marketing the transaction.
  • Valuation: What is the target worth? Based upon inputs from our clients, we can provide a high-level estimate of transaction values to assist our clients in setting or negotiating an initial contract price. Our valuation methodology is based on recent market data and company historical earnings performance.
  • Marketing: How do you let parties know you’re interested in a transaction? Align works with various deal listing services, as well as with a network of brokers and bankers, to market the transaction. We will create a detailed information memorandum for sale transactions that outline company and transaction details. For acquisitions, we assist in evaluating that data to help clients determine if it is worth pursuing. If the deal is attractive, Align will assist with negotiating and structuring a letter of intent to kick off the process.
  • Quality of Earnings: Earnings are oftentimes the main drivers of enterprise value and transaction price. But how do you know what the real earnings have been and will be going forward? We work with clients to evaluate the financials of target companies, removing any anomalies to get to a more realistic trend of performance. In the case of a sale, our team can prepare this analysis on behalf of sellers to be more transparent to potential buyers.
  • Due Diligence: Let’s dig out the skeletons from the closets. We dig deep into the details of the target company to ensure that all key, strategic areas of value are valid. Our team will perform financial, operational, HR, IT, Risk & Compliance due diligence on behalf of our acquiring clients. For our selling clients, we will manage and fulfill the due diligence information to buyers, ensuring completeness of information and full transparency for a timely close. We work to ensure the value is there, that it is real, and that it is repeatable following closing. We aren’t afraid to advise our clients to walk away if the value doesn’t align with the price.
  • Negotiation: There’s more to a transaction that just price. We work on behalf of our clients to get them the best price and the best terms to ensure they get the best value from the transaction.
  • Closing: Attorneys and bankers and shareholders – oh my! There are allot of stakeholders in a transaction, and a large amount of processes and documents that require facilitation to properly close. Our team will work with your attorney and other advisers to ensure the transaction is closed smoothly and quickly.
  • Post-close integration (or wind-down): You’ve closed the deal – now what?  Merging two companies is extremely difficult. It requires management of a very long list of integration tasks across all facets of the business. Align designs the integration plan by aligning it to the deal thesis, integrating key areas of value first and integrating quickly. The sooner key value areas are aligned, the sooner ROI begins to accumulate. For our clients who sell only their assets, we can assist with winding down the former legal entity, if necessary.

Client Achievements

Quality of Earnings

Align recently assisted a consumer services company with its sale to a strategic acquirer. The due diligence list was lengthy, but our team worked closely with our client to provide all of the information quickly, accurately, and completely to the buyer’s investment bankers. We also prepared a proactive quality of earnings report, allowing the buyer full and early transparency into the financials. This transparency sped the time to close by 30 days, and it resulted in an additional $500,000 of transaction value paid to our selling client due to reported earnings exceeding the LOI earnings target.

What Our Clients Say...

Investment Banker

We were representing a seller, who was really struggling with producing data for due diligence. We referred them to Align, who jumped in quickly and organized everything that was needed to get this deal done. We will happily refer them to our portfolio of clients - they are excellent.

What Our Clients Say...

Owner & Operator

I was completely intimated by the idea of selling my business. It's like sending your kid off to college. Align made the entire process easy to understand and was a real advocate to ensure we got what the business was worth. Thank you for all your work.

What Our Clients Say...

President and CEO

Our organization wanted to expand its footprint into a new territory, and Align was excellent in helping us analyze the market and identify targets. We were able to grow 65% through acquisition this year based on their analysis and data.

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